The Go-to-Market Glossary

  • Customer Acquisition Value

    Customer Acquisition Value is an important part of helping your business grow.
  • Agile marketing

    Agile marketing is a different kind of flexing.
  • Shopify

    Ecommerce out of the box. Or premium for optimal growth acceleration.
  • Ecommerce

    Make it commerce, but electronic.
  • Gmail

    Gmail hasn't been around since the dawn of e-mail - even if it feels like that.
  • Traffic

    Not a frustrating part of your commute to work.
  • Sitemaps

    A site map is a highly useful tool. In short, it allows you to tell search engine spiders/crawlers which pages it should index and in which priority. While it is not compulsory to have a sitemap, it is recommended – even if you have an established site already. Sitemaps can be particularly valuab...
  • Content calendar

    A calendar. For content. It's that simple.

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