CLIENT: Kate Swanson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ensembl

PROFILE: In a market that has seen insignificant disruption and a whole lot of messy drawers, Ensembl has reimagined cookware through the lens of modern demands. Its first product, STACK - a revolutionary nesting cookware system - comes to market in spring 2020 and is the a next-generation product that fuses high-performance quality with space efficiency, multi-functionality, and elevated design, all within the footprint of a single vessel.

INDUSTRY: Consumer goods, housewares, ecommerce

GROWTH FOCUS: Brand strategy, business strategy, go to market strategy, digital strategy, direct-to-consumer strategy, ecommerce strategy

IN KATE'S WORDS: "JC+CO is Ensembl’s secret weapon. They understand that scrappy budgets demand big results, and know how to deliver high impact strategies that actually work. Their ability to dig deep and really get into the details translates into actionable plans that deliver immediately - while always keeping the big picture goals in clear view. 

JC+CO offers the support and energy of a team of 100 people - they're in your corner and ready to fight for you, cheer for you, and do whatever it takes for you and your brand to make it. You want JC+CO on your team. “

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