Thesus Outdoors

CLIENT: Sofi Khwaja, Co-Founder, THESUS Outdoors (formerly Alice & Whittles)

PROFILE: Handmade in Portugal using over 95% recycled materials, Thesus is a leader in sustainable, ethical footwear. Born from the creative minds of industry outsiders from around the world, the brand's founders - with backgrounds in law, international development, design, data science, and social work - have big imaginations but listen, think and act carefully. After experiencing significant organic traction through designing footwear that is made to be worn all day, every day of the year, THESUS was ready for its next level of high impact growth through its site, email, and paid performance marketing.

INDUSTRY: Fashion, footwear, sustainable

GROWTH FOCUS: Paid performance strategy, email + sms strategy, ecommerce site strategy

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