CLIENT: Katherine Homuth, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SHEERTEX

PROFILE: The inventors of the patent-pending world's toughest sheer knit, Y Combinator backed SHEERTEX launched into market with a pair of pantyhose that were quite literally unbreakable, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars on Kickstarter. The company retained JC+CO as a growth strategy partner and acting CMO to design its direct-to-consumer scale strategy, building a broader vision and delivering explosive sales growth. 

INDUSTRY: Fashion, apparel, ecommerce

GROWTH FOCUS: Digital strategy, direct-to-consumer strategy, ecommerce strategy, Amazon strategy

IN KATHERINE'S WORDS: "Jacquelyn and her team are AMAZING. Game changing for our business.

Couldn’t recommend working with them highly enough. When you’re ready for rocket ship growth, this is who you call."

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