CLIENT: Office of the President, Valerie Sorbie and Cam di Prata, LXRandCo

PROFILE: LXRandCo is an international omnichannel retailer of branded vintage luxury handbags and other personal luxury products. LXRandCo sources and authenticates high-quality, pre-owned products from iconic brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel, among others, and sells them at attractive prices through: a retail network of stores located primarily in major department stores in the United States and Canada; wholesale operations primarily in the United States; and its own e-commerce website, With an underleveraged ecommerce channel, LXRandCo retained JC+CO as a growth strategy partner to help build and implement its digital strategy and evolve the brand.

INDUSTRY: Luxury vintage handbags and small leather goods, omnichannel retail

GROWTH FOCUS: Digital strategy, direct-to-consumer strategy, ecommerce strategy, affiliate strategy, Shopify implementation

IN THEIR WORDSJC+CO has been an exceptional partner. We brought them in to be our outsourced marketing department with a broad mandate to help us develop and implement our digital growth strategy as well as to evolve our brand, marketing and creative strategies. Additionally, they were instrumental in transitioning our platform to Shopify. In other words, JC+CO was a one stop shop. With thorough data analysis and tracking coupled with a nimble, test and learn approach, they were able to optimize outcomes and spend. The JC+CO team is collaborative, talented and a true pleasure to work with. After over a year with us, they were an essential part of our leadership team.

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