Lawton Wright, BA

MEET OUR ACTIVATION LEAD: Lawton Wright, BA; (Eye for Design and Data, Masterful Project Manager, Queen of Fast-Moving BAM BAM BAM Days)

LW IN BRIEF: Lawton knew she wanted to make all things equally beautiful and functional from a young age.

Pairing her training in design with her instinctive no-nonsense approach to efficiency, task organization, and life, Lawton is a driven seeker of greatness. (And the Head of the Official Resistance Against Anything Less.) With an innate knack for getting information out of people's heads and into their brands, Lawton's observant-listener-with-a-good-eye game is seriously strong.

A beef tartare loving, fully committed morning person, Lawton enjoys nothing more than being (and staying) in the loop.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: Food and beverage, digital, ecommerce, fashion, stationery, accessories, personal care, design.

GROWTH FOCUS: Highly averse to being overly reliant on anything besides Google, Lawton loves being inside the systems, working through every angle 'til the problem is solved, overseeing the look and the feel and the budgets and the checklists, and just plain getting things done.

LW'S WORDS TO LIVE BY: Keep it simple, but significant.

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