Flow Hydration

CLIENTKrissie Millan, MBA, Chief Marketing Officer, Flow Hydration

PROFILE: A truly disruptive force in the $15 billion water industry, Flow is an eco-first alkaline water B-Corp with an ambitious ecommerce model, crossing one-time and subscription-based purchasing through direct-to-consumer and Amazon. With an astonishing growth trajectory, Flow retained JC+CO as a growth strategy partner to help build and implement its digital strategy with data and insight leading the charge.

INDUSTRY: Consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, omnichannel retail

GROWTH FOCUS: Digital strategy, direct-to-consumer strategy, ecommerce strategy, Amazon strategy

IN KRISSIE'S WORDS: "JC+CO is a digital powerhouse! They have been a fantastic partner in quickly identifying growth areas for our brand’s ecommerce business. They have the unique combination of thinking holistically while also digging into the details of our strategy. There is no problem that’s impossible to solve with them! If you want someone who can immediately create an impact with your goals, JC+CO is the perfect partner to have in your court!"

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