When we started this business, our objective was to scale exceptional consumer product brands with superstar growth strategy, financial obsession, and go to market done as good as it gets.

As background: I have been a growth-obsessed entrepreneur for a very long time. I've advised and activated growth strategy and go to market strategy for customers around the world, from Fortune 500s to baked-from-scratch startups. I've scaled and systematized and recreated and exited a number of businesses, from simple private sales to complicated private equity deals. While I was fortunate to work on lots of biggies over the years, what always hit me in the heart was working with crazy-ambitious innovators. 

At the age of 40, I realized that this was the Big Mission™ of my life: designing a modern, hands-on, results-obsessed management consulting shopwith deep digital expertise and the scrappy, just-get-it-done heart of the entrepreneur. (Some call this Consulting 4.0. I mostly just call it doing the work.)

I deeply believe in the power of innovation to change communities, to change economies - to change the world. I've studied it, I've taught it, and I've lived-and-breathed it from the bottom of my soul for the last 20+ years.

Our team brings the financial acumen, data-centricism, and operational diligence (read: results obsession) of the top tier management consultant alongside the problem-solving instinct and natural curiosity (read: creative resourcefulness) of the entrepreneur. 

So how does this help you?

Well, data tells us that the top challenges faced by high growth innovators include: 

  • Hunting down top talent (read: acquiring best in class people);
  • Managing cash flow (read: nearly 70% of the best bootstrap it); and
  • Not having had experience scaling a high growth organization (read: accessing expertise). 

Everyone talks about the gap in access to capital when it comes to innovation. 

My obsession, on the other hand, is the immediate gap in access to top-notch strategic expertise, to results-focused thinking ... to that game-changing information that the big guys get. (I mean, information is power, right?)

So here's my little dream: if we could empower innovative businesses with access to top notch thinking, advising, and tools... and co-design high-impact, modern roadmaps for growth strategy together, how much could we move the needle?

That's the goal, baby.

So let's grow.