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Build a Brand. Launch a Brand. Scale a Brand.

Designed for the starting from scratch-ers: new business, new corporate innovation, or business transformation.


Brand staging

Facilitated workshop, business design framework, market research, competitive landscape review, market positioning, persona development, and a testable matrix of messaging to test value props.

Scale-up roadmap

Financial analysis, definition of channel-refined scale model, inclusive of anticipated fixed and variable expenses and contribution margin.

Go-to-market strategy

Definition of implementation plan and resources required to deliver against scale-up roadmap.

If you want rocket ship growth, this is who you call.
Kathryn Homuth, CEO, Sheertex

How we work.

Launch + Scale

Designed for launch and scale.

Our systems are designed exclusively to meet the needs of new corporate innovations, Seed/Series A brands, and legacy retailers undertaking aggressive digital transformation - so we don’t waste a ton of time on the stuff you don’t need when you’re in build mode.


Stuff we've built.

Sheertex x JC+CO
Rebelstork x JC+CO
Porta x JC+CO
years in build mode.
k+ hours systematizing.
brands scaled.