How Shopify's Online Store Speed Report can help you

Customers want things quickly and respond well to it. Fast shopping, fast customer support and your ecommerce store.  Slow load times will impact on the first impression customers get of your shop. If it's not good, it could impact your sales negatively, too.      

Fast loading times are also a factor Google and other search engines consider when ranking the SERPs and from 2021, Google’s Core Web Vitals will play an even more important role in ranking your online store.

Speed matters. Shopify does have some functionality in place to automatically keep ecommerce shops as fast as possible, but will take that to the next level with a new speed assessment report.

To help ecommerce store owners, Shopify will release a new report that helps them see exactly how fast their online shop is and where they can improve.

Shopify will run speed tests for ecommerce shops' home page and highest-traffic collection and product pages, then combine the Google Lighthouse speed score of each page into a total value.  The report will also benchmark your ecommerce shop against similar businesses.  

Quick tips to improve your Shopify store’s speed

The whole of your online store is made up of a variety of pieces — your theme, images , videos, apps and collections all impact the shopping experience you create for clients. The speed of your store is an important factor, but it's not the only thing that matters. 

Videos, for instance, are larger than static images and usually require longer loading. However, videos can also help add additional information about your products and collections in a way that photographs just can't.  It could make sense to maintain videos on your product pages, even if they lead to slightly slower load times, when you sell a complicated or feature-rich product.

As an ecommerce store owner, you are the only one who can decide if an individual compromise between functionality and performance is your business's right decision.

Well, sort of. As easy as Shopify makes it for anyone to get started with their ecommerce venture, there are some things best left to experts. The Shopify Plus Certified Partner programme can help you accelerate (yes, pun intended) your ecommerce venture – not just literally through the speed of the site, but also by helping your business grow.

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