Four ways Pinterest can help boost your Shopify sales

If you use Shopify as your ecommerce store, you probably already use some of the social media plugin apps to allow users to share and save your products and content. 

Pinterest remains as popular as ever yet is not often thought of as a 'social network'. And it is often overlooked or completely forgotten about. But because of the visual strength of Pinterest, it can make a huge difference to your marketing.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve gotcha. There are a few basic things you can do to take advantage of the popularity of Pinterest.

Capture new customers with coupons

Pinterest users love coupons and they love the exclusivity that comes from discovering something on Pinterest. Even better if they can save them and come back to them later on.

You could create a coupon board on your Pinterest page. Update this with new coupons from time to time which only users who follow your page and Pins can see.

SEO matters on Pinterest, too

It might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to getting the most out of Pinterest, but SEO matters a lot on there, too. It can help drive traffic – and subsequently sales - back to your site . The same basic principles apply to Pinterest. Keep your headlines relevant, sharp and short and make sure to add relevant descriptions to both your individual Pins and your boards.

Use it for competitions

It won’t work for all brands, but it can synergise quite well with a coupon strategy. People love free stuff and they live telling other people about free stuff. Depending on your marketing strategy, competitions on Pinterest can be used in a few different ways.

One way you can use competitions on Pinterest is as a straight up marketing and brand-building exercise – using it as a way to reach a new audience. You can also use it as a way to direct your followers to your Shopify store with a call-to-action for entering the competition hosted on your ecommerce site.

Make use of Rich Pins

Ah, did you see dollar signs when you read that headline? What a conveniently named function. 

Rich Pins are made for business owners who want to promote their products through Pinterest. These Pins allow for more enhanced features to be added to your Pinterest content. You’ll have to be approved by Pinterest before you can use this option, but if you are approved, you have a whole new world of options available for your Pins.

Here’s a summary of the options available straight from Pinterest: 

  • Product Rich Pins include the most up-to-date pricing, availability, and product information right on your Pin. 
  • Recipe Rich Pins add a title, serving size, cook time, ratings, diet preference and a list of ingredients to recipes that you Pin from your site.
  • Article Rich Pins add the headline or title, the description, and the author of the article or blog post from your site.

Because of the personal curation on Pinterest, it's a great way to add your Shopify collections in one place and highlight some of your top products. This can be especially if you have a lot of variety. 

Even if you are just starting out on your Shopify store, don't feel like you have to wait to get started. 

In terms of time spent on Pinterest, it's relatively low maintenance compared to some others. You will need to spend some time setting up your templates initially, but once you've worked out your flow, you won't even realise you're doing it.

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