Finding the right growth accelerant partner for your business

When male gentoo penguins want to find a mate, they search through piles and piles of pebbles to find the smoothest and most perfect rock to present to his chosen partner. Future mama penguin will either put the stone in their nest (that's a yes) or reject it. Male penguins often get into a scrap over the pebbles, because they are such a big deal. Some birds engage in elaborate dance moves to try and impress a suitor.

Finding the perfect partner is wild. And it’s not just true in the animal kingdom – it applies to finding business partners, too.

With a global pandemic thrown into the mix, we’re all dancing around trying to adapt to this “new normal” for which there is no choreography.

All of this has happened at a time when just a year ago, many organizations were working on refining the processes for finding the right partners.

Turning the hunt for the perfect business growth partner upside down

In 2019, Garter, the global research and advisory company, found that 55% of organizational redesigns were focused on streamlining roles, supply chains and workflows to increase efficiency.

In hindsight, that may have been a mistake for many organizations.

Hierarchy, believe it or not, is legit helpful - and in most organizations, even the most entrepreneurial of ‘em, it is needed. But engineering rigid hiring hierarchy systems can implode when the circumstances (hello, COVID-19), demand adaptability.

We don’t know for sure what the future of work will look like in the near or far (wherever we are) future. Which means we don’t know exactly what your businesses will look like.

Over the last few months, the adoption of some processes accelerated at the speed of light. Almost literally. What took some five years to achieve before, was done in just two months for others.

Forget sink or swim, we have learned to breathe underwater.

The future is mostly digital, but how do we find partners when we don’t know what our baby is gonna look like?

Remember what we said about those organizations redesigning their systems to be rigid? That is the foundation of where change needs to happen. In uncertain times, we have to engineer all our systems for resilience.

Whether that means stress testing an ecommerce site or imagining what would happen if we do end up ruled by our robot overlords, we need to be all about that flex(ibility).

Partner your business for accelerated growth and change

To create a more nimble and agile organization, we’ve gotta design roles and infrastructure suited to the everchanging flexible parameters that today’s environment has made.

That includes being adaptable to choosing partners for accelerating your business growth.

Whether that’s choosing a Shopify Plus Certified Partner (ahem: that’s us, by the way) or looking to boost your business growth faster than a rocket launch (ahem: also us), working with partners who are adaptable – or being open to adjusting if there’s a bit of chemistry, the future is all about being flexible.

The good news is that the slate has been wiped clean. It also means going back to our roots and not getting distracted by every “new” and “innovative” piece of tech that arrives in our orbit.

Gartner's research shows that as organizations adjust to this new world, the appetite for "bleeding-edge" tech like quantum computing and blockchain will most likely decrease.

Because businesses have been kidding themselves that being adaptable means “being down with the tech kids”.

It doesn’t mean technology is useless. On the contrary. Proven technology has never been more useful.

And that’s where growth accelerants come in.

Being an adaptable business with adaptable systems doesn’t mean you have to be willing to change like a chameleon on a Rubik’s cube.  It means being willing to hand some of those systems over to partners with a proven track record.  

Leave the rewriting of the rulebook to business growth partners who have already done that. You can focus on finding the most perfect pebble without getting into a scrap, or being rejected by your customers because your product isn’t up to scratch.  

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