Black Friday funnels: Four things you can do to prepare right now

Traditionally, Black Friday and other Q3 / Q4 shopping seasons have been synonymous with bricks and mortar outlets. You know, the never-ending line-ups and fisticuffs for bagging a bargain.

But we are not in traditional times anymore. Even back in 2018, the trend started to shift. In 2018, online sales on Black Friday accounted for a record-breaking US$6.22 billion dollars. A large chunk of those were made from mobile phones.

With the added impact of the 2020 global pandemic, ecommerce is the shopping route for consumers when the sales tick over this year.

Whether you are a veteran of ecommerce or a rookie, there are ways to maximise your return during the shopping frenzy. 

Think global, don’t neglect local

While the 24-hour Black Friday sales cycle has not been a thing for a while, 2020 booted the sales channel door wide open. At the same time, customers are more aware than ever before of supporting local and independent business.

So there’s a double whammy here. If your product allows, take advantage of time zones to stretch the sales cycle beyond the usual 24-hours, but make sure you make a fuss about it if you are a local retailer. 

Take advantage of email marketing

Still one of the most underrated tools in the marketing box. But remember, everyone will be going all extra on the e-marketing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can start running your e-marketing campaigns in the lead up to the sales frenzy.

By creating an ‘appointment to view’ and simply sending a gentle nudge as a reminder on the day, you’re already one step ahead. 

Cultivate return customers with future coupons

It’s all well and good to hit record sales on one day of the year, but that doesn’t exactly scream sustainable business, does it?

That e-marketing thing? Yeah, get your Black Friday customers signed up to your list – and offer them something in return, so that they can return.

Testing, testing, testing

Stress test your systems to their absolute limit and then stress test them some more. When you think you have tested enough, test again. Test on every device. Test at different levels. Because of the uptake in online shopping this year, all ecommerce systems will be under pressure. 

Even the biggest ecommerce retailers will have glitches. How quickly and adequately you respond to those glitches could be the difference between an abandoned cart and a completed transaction.


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