Turn Off and Build: An Approach to the New WFH Normal

To all of our client partners, vendors, team members, and friends:

As you likely know, we closed down our office until further notice and implemented a work from home policy on March 11, in accordance with recommendations from government and the WHO’s statements on the global pandemic.

In addition to complying with self-isolation guidelines, we are believers in the critical importance of preventing community transfer. We are fortunate to live in a time that enables us to work from home with ease - between Google Hangouts, Slack, Dropbox, and email, our workflow has been consistent.

However, for teams that typically collaborate in person and rely on virtual work as a secondary system, “being in the office” serves as a mental trigger from being “in” to being “out” of work mode. I believe that distinctions like this are what allow people not only critical time with family, friends, and community, but mental space for unstructured thinking - a foundational building block for innovation. While our global environment has created a situation where we’re only ever steps from our “office”, it is challenging for people to not just be “on” 24/7 - but this is in conflict with our values as an organization. I have been reflecting on how to create a mechanic to serve this need in the absence of physical space.

All of this to say: given that this situation is likely to extend into a future distance we can’t currently see, we are instituting a new policy. Our team will be communicating externally from Monday-Friday, between 9AM-5PM, and not outside of those hours. We are instituting this policy in order to support an appropriate and healthy separation between work and non-work time - which is something I believe to be critical to not only well-being, but to both innovation and productivity.

We appreciate your understanding as we move into this refined mode of communication, and encourage you to consider similar mechanics with your own teams and organizations to support their ability to create distance between work and non-work time. We believe that this will enable continued mindspace for creativity - our most critical asset and advantage during both times of prosperity and crisis.

Thank you, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback.

Jacquelyn Cyr, MBA
Chief Builder