Search engine result pages. It really is that simple. A SERP is the results that a user sees when they have searched for something through any search engine. Different search engines have different SERP features.

SERPs can have featured snippets, People Also Ask boxes, image carousels, top stories, shopping and various other options.

How and when this display depends on the search intent. In terms of SEO, intent refers to which question users are trying to answer they put their query into the search box. And yes, the question is the same as a query.

It is important to understand what the purpose of the content you’re creating is for exactly this reason. Think like the user – if you wanted to find your product or your content – what would you type into the search box? These trends will change as time goes by, with the advent of voice search, for example. But always stay a step ahead.

SERPs feature both organic and paid results, with the former being the gold-standard for SEO.

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