Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a search and SEO tool that allows webmasters to run analytics on their sites and troubleshoot problems. As the name suggests, it is owned by Google.

GSC is completely free to use and can help webmasters and website owners track their organic keyword rankings and judge the impact of their content if it appears in places like Google Discover or Google News.

 Google Search Console can also be a useful way to identify any problems under the hood or issues with pages being indexed.

Some of the basic SEO questions GSC can answer are:

  • How many people are looking at your site on a monthly basis?
  • How many pages are people accessing on a monthly basis?
  • How many organic back links do you have?
  • Why are any of your search terms declining in popularity?
  • Which countries are you getting the most traffic from?
  • Where is your traffic coming from? 

It is more useful than Google Analytics in terms of drilling down into search data and the fluctuations of SERPs. When used in combination with GA, though, it is an incredibly powerful tool that does not require a high-level of technical experiences.

Google Search Console is particularly useful for a range of organic traffic data sets. Things like keyword position, which pages are ranking for which terms, which pages are performing the best and even which countries your search terms are most popular in.

Unless you have a really small website, GSC should not be relied on to replace other keyword monitoring tools, though. There are times when GSC data is delayed for a few days, making it unreliable for an immediate snapshot of the state of your SERPs.

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