Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a ranking metric used by search engines, created by Moz. This ranking is calculated through a variety of metrics, some of which are Moz' own. Things like MozRank, MozTrust, connecting root domains and total connections (like Trust Flow and Citation Flow) are some of the factors considered.

The better these signals, the higher the site’s DA is likely to be.  And a website’s DA is an indicator of how a well (or not) website is likely to rank in the SERPs

While it is by no means a foolproof forecast, it does help give websites have a common ranking benchmark to compete with others.

The solution has not been foolproof, though. The advent of Domain Authority led to the birth of a whole industry of Black Hat SEO providers, trying to feign an increased level of domain authority, mostly by acquiring backlinks through underhanded tactics. 

In short, Domain Authority is usually determined by these four dimensions 

  • the prestige of a website and its authors
  • quality of the information presented
  • information and website centrality
  • the competitive situation around a subject


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