Content calendar

A content calendar is a fancy name for what is traditionally known as an editorial calendar, or publishing schedule.

It is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, public relations firms, and anyone else who creates content, to control publication of content across distribution channels. A content calendar can apply to single-channel or omnichannel content marketing.

In newsrooms, publishers also extract some of their editorial calendar data and make the data publicly available to attract advertisers.

Public relations professionals also use these abbreviated editorial calendars to try to place stories for their clients. But the primary objective of editorial calendars is to control the publication of content to ensure the regular appearance of content that interests readers and advertisers. In the case of ecommerce retailers, the content is used to engage with current and future customers.

Traditional print publishers have used editorial calendars in some form for centuries to manage the publication of books, magazines, and newspapers. The internet has dramatically increased the number of publishers who also need to organize content and ensure content is published at regular intervals.

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