Competitive landscape

Competitive landscape is a method of business analysis that looks at direct or indirect rivals to help them understand their mission, vision, core values, market niche, strengths and weaknesses. 

It centres on the dynamic nature of the business world, where businesses are competing with others, this analysis helps to create a new mindset that encourages strategic competitiveness development.

As a result of the advent of a global economy and technology, the conventional sources of competitive advantage are no longer an efficient strategy because of the hypercompetitive of the world.

As a result, in order to establish knowledge for strategic analysis, this phenomenon is analysed. Investment in strategic management is the cornerstone of business growth since it helps to improve the company structure and remain competitive within the sector.

This analysis can help businesses adapt their go-to-market strategy and help identify how to optimize their Customer Acquisition Value (CAV).

It is influenced by a number of factors ranging from the global economy to advances in technology. 

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