If you are trying to improve your website's SEO, you have probably heard the word “backlinks”. 

But the subject can be a bit complicated for anyone new to SEO to understand, so we are going to cover what backlinks are very briefly.

A backlink is any link that links back to your website. Pretty simple, huh?

That does not include linking to your own site from your own site, though. That is called internal linking, which is a glossary word for another time. 

Backlinks are so useful because they can help improve your search engine rankings. Sites with a high number of backlinks might rank higher than others. Note we say might. That’s because nothing in SEO is ever certain.

Getting backlinks can be challenging and there are several caveats to consider. You also have to keep in mind that backlinks from low quality sites can result in a penalty from Google.

We’ll save the how to get backlinks tutorial for another day.

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