Agile marketing

Agile marketing is an organizational productivity technique that makes use of cross-functional self-organizing teams to take on projects. It aims at driving growth by concentrating team resources on those that add value to the end customer. Arguments in favour of this approach say that this improves the marketing department 's pace, consistency, versatility and productivity. Still a developing marketing strategy, it takes its cue from selected agile software development concepts. 

Agile marketing can be represented at a high level as a group of teams coordinating around the question: "How can we best give our customers value? Teams work together in an enterprise carrying out a variety of high-priority activities in short recurring bursts - usually between one to four weeks. They adjust guidelines, goals and processes as appropriate.

For the agile marketing approach to work, some prerequisites are required.  A marketing agency must clearly identify what it needs to accomplish with its agile strategy. For example, companies and teams should have a clear idea of which customer segments it needs to acquire or which parts of the consumer journey it wants to improve. Agile marketing also requires teams to have access to sufficient data, research and implementation infrastructure to deliver the best results.

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